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Pulau Ubin Island in Singapore

Pulau Ubin Island in Singapore is located in the southeast of the Asian continent, specifically in the southern part of the island of Malaya. It is also separated from it by the Strait of Johor, which links land and railways between Singapore and Malaysia. It also overlooks the Strait of Malacca, which lies between Malaya and Sumatra, where it is considered one of the most important commercial ports in the countries of Southeast Asia, on the shipping lines between the countries of the Mediterranean basin and western Europe on the one hand, and between the countries of the Far East on the other.

Pulau Ubin Island in Singapore

Pulau Ubin Island in Singapore, or Pulau Byula, is one of the islands located near the northeastern coast of Singapore. The area of ​​the island is about 1020 hectares. The island's wildlife is also diverse and rich. For centuries, it was a natural habitat for long-tailed monkeys (macaques), lemurs, reticulated snakes, and many unique animals, marine and plant creatures.

Information about Bula Ubin Island

After learning about the location of Pulau Ubin Island in Singapore, below we present a lot of information about this island, and its history as follows:

  • The island was first discovered by the British in 1828 AD.
  • According to one of the local legends about the origin of the island, he defied the elephant, pig, and, frog each other, who would be able to reach the city of Johor first. Whereas, those who cannot reach, will automatically turn into stones. After an arduous journey, none of them were able to reach the city. Both the elephant and the pig turned into stones, forming the rocks of Pulau Ubin Island. As the frog turned to stone, the neighboring island of Bula Sekudu was formed from it.
  • Obin Island consists of two main islands, separated by a river, on which many dams were built.
  • In fact, the island has now lost many of its original and unique tropical plant wealth, after logging, and removing most parts of the tropical forest on the island, to grow commercial crops, which are included in exports. From coffee beans, cocoa, rubber, pineapple, cola, and coconut.
  • In the last century the population of the island was estimated in the thousands. Especially as it was a flourishing mining industry, it attracted many workers from various neighboring regions. With the decline of this industry, its population has also been declining in recent decades. Today, its population is limited to a few hundred villagers and local residents.
  • The islanders depend for their livelihood on agriculture, fishing, and shrimp. The tourism sector is also active on the island. It is one of the most important tributaries of the economy in addition to the crafts, shops, and restaurants in which many work. In addition to other tourist services.
  • The island of Pulau Biula still maintains its historical, heritage, and cultural importance, and includes many churches, castles, and historical buildings.
  • The abandoned granite quarries on the island of Pulau Ubin are a fascinating historical monument and a national treasure in the region. Forests and fields have been placed under the protection of the law.

Tourism on Pulau Ubin Island in Singapore

Among the most prominent tourist activities on the island of Pulau Ubin in Singapore are water sports activities, such as surfing, kayaking, floating on water, diving among coral reefs, snorkeling, and swimming with octopus, fish, sponges, squid, and fishing. You can also go for a walk around the island to explore it, take memorial photos in the bushes of the island, and see monkeys and crocodiles. The most beautiful mountain heights in the world also attract free climbing enthusiasts and enjoy their supervision on the island. While its slopes attract cyclists, which are rented on the island from many shops, especially for this service. And take a walk, covering a distance of about 8 km. Where the cost of bicycle fare, ranges from 6-12 Singapore dollars. Perhaps the best times to visit it are in the spring and summer. Where its charming climate and moderate atmosphere, tend to heat in the summer and moderate in the winter. While it is possible to camp in its beautiful forests and spend the most enjoyable adventures and get to know its plants and trees, where the most wonderful view from the heights of the mountains on the meadows, forests, and others.

Navigating Pulau Ubin Island

It is possible to travel to Pulau Ubin Island in Singapore, from the port of Singapore, and travel there by ferry or boat. It is also adjacent to Pulau, where the main airport on the island is located. How to reach the island is by kayak, where it is possible to start from the nearest point, the village of Changi. While the cost of the ride per person is estimated at about 3 US dollars, and at a maximum, it may reach about 12 US dollars, per person, depending on the tourist season. The daily departure starts at sunrise and ends at sunset. Which is fun unmatched by other fun.

From all of the above, we have presented some information about the characteristics of the island of Pulau Ubin in Singapore, this island is truly a piece of paradise, with its captivating nature, in which oases abound, and it was drawn by the Creator’s hand in the most beautiful illustration.


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