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The customs and traditions of the people of Istanbul

There is no reason to doubt that every culture has its own customs and traditions, as is the case in our topic today, we are discussing today about the customs and traditions of the residents of Istanbul in Turkey. Each culture, customs and traditions differ from one country to another and from one city to another. Including the customs and traditions of Istanbul.

Istanbul was historically known as Constantinople, and is the largest city within the state of Turkey, and Istanbul is a center for both culture and economy within Turkey, and the city is characterized by the ancient heritage of Turkish palaces and mosques, which enjoy a large number of tourists annually, in addition to ancient museums, and among the most famous Those attractions are: Kari Museum, Cinelli Museum, Ibrahim Palace, Turkish Carpet Museum.

The customs and traditions of the people of Istanbul

Every traveler to Turkey is interested in learning about the customs and traditions of that people, which differ from the habits and traditions of the traveler, of course, and because there are tendencies for the European side in Istanbul, so it combines a group of Western and European customs and ancient Turkish customs, and one of the most important customs and traditions of Istanbul residents in Turkey is:

  • Usually posts with neighbors.
  • Different customs in marriage.
  • Usually drink tea as a basis in the Turkish style of hospitality.
  • Travel habits.
  • The spread of belief in envy until it became a habit.
  • Great pride in the country and the country's history.
  • Usually respect for the elderly.

Usually posts with neighbors

The habit of sharing with neighbors is one of the beautiful customs that characterize the Turkish people, as this habit urges sharing food with neighbors, and it is done by sending different dishes to the neighbors and then the dishes return to its sender filled with different new foods, and this custom is an Islamic custom spread in most countries In the Arab Muslim world, this custom increases on the following occasions:

  • Feasts.
  • Welcoming new neighbors.
  • Sick neighbors, until he feels that his neighbors are brothers to him in his illness.

The customs and traditions of Istanbul residents in marriage

The custom of marriage in Istanbul and Turkey is different from other countries, where the Turkish young man is characterized by intense passion according to the events mentioned in the studies, and the marriage is characterized by the following:

  • In Turkey, a man is allowed to marry only one woman, as polygamy in Turkey is illegal, and divorce is required if he wants to marry another.
  • Turkish men tend to strong women and prefer them more than calm and soft women.

The steps of the marriage process take place in Turkey as is customary in Islamic countries, and perhaps the most prominent characteristic of Turkish people in marriage is the interest in the night of henna, which is the night before the wedding day in which all women gather with the bride and celebrate together.


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