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The duration of the construction of the Suez Canal

That canal is located between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. This channel was established to become a transit route from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea and vice versa, facilitating the movement of ships and shortening the road significantly. This channel has great strategic importance in the region, and During the following lines that will be presented to you by a content site, we will talk about the Suez Canal and the duration of its establishment.

The duration of the construction of the Suez Canal

The construction of the Suez Canal took ten years, as Napoleon prepared to dig that canal, and that idea was present at the time in the eighteenth century, but he did not succeed in the drilling process due to the lack of sufficient drilling capabilities and the inability to study the soil in that region, and the level of the water level Between Bahrain, but the excavation of this canal began in April of 1859, and the excavation was completed completely in 1869.

Information about the Suez Canal

The Arab Suez Canal is a waterway that extends at sea level from the north, where it starts from the shores of the Mediterranean towards the south, where the Red Sea, and passes through the Isthmus of Suez located in the Arab state of Egypt, and it can be said that the Suez Canal separates the continent of Asia from its neighbor the African continent, Suez is approximately 193 kilometers or 120 miles, when measured from the city of Port Said on the Mediterranean shore to the city of Suez in the south, and it enters both the Red Sea and the Mediterranean a distance in the water.

The importance of the Suez Canal

The Suez Canal is of very great importance, as it is the shortest maritime route that connects the continent of Europe with the countries in the Indian Ocean and the offshore islands located in the western part of the Pacific Ocean, which travel to it was considered arduous. Before the canal was established, Suez was a populated area, and many residential areas were established around it after its nationalization.

History of the establishment of the Suez Canal

The idea of ​​creating water channels between the lakes and the neighboring marine areas is new. In the nineteenth century BC, many canals were established, as the construction of many waterways that connect the Nile River with the Red Sea passes, during the reign of Alexander in 332 BC. The Romans also established and used many canals between the Nile Delta and the Red Sea region. After he arrived in Egypt, Napoleon worked to think of creating a linking canal in 1856.

After the article, it was recognized how many years it took to build the Suez Canal. It was found that the Suez Canal was established by the French police, but the workers were Egyptian residents. The importance and location of the Suez Canal were also recognized.


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