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The highest mountain in Japan

The highest mountain in Japan? It is the immortal mountain, which from ancient times holds a special sanctity. Today, it enjoys international tourist fame, as mountain sports, such as climbing and skiing, are active. Through the contents of the site, we will get to know this mountain, which was previously forbidden for women to climb.

The highest mountain in Japan

The highest mountain in Japan is Mount Fuji, which is located between Shizuka Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture, specifically near the island of Honshu in the Pacific Ocean. It is the largest lake in Japan. In fact, Mount Fuji is only 100 kilometers from Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Mount Fuji also shares borders with several cities. It is bordered to the south by Gotemba City, and to the north by Fuji Yoshida. On the south, it is bordered by the city of Fujinomiya. Especially since it is a Japanese mountain surrounded by five lakes. Mount Fuji covers an estimated area of ​​19311.9 hectares, with a base diameter of about 50 kilometers. Especially since it rises about 12,380 feet above sea level, which equals about 3,776 meters. It should be noted that it is covered with snow most days, although it is considered a stratigraphic volcano, which dates back to its geological formation for thousands of years.

Information about the highest mountain in Japan

In fact, Japan's Mount Fuji was listed in 2013 as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, has many characteristics and secrets, the most important of which are presented in this paragraph as follows:

Mount Fuji has a cold climate, perhaps because it is about 3,776 meters above sea level, and therefore covered by snow, especially at its summit. Especially since the minimum temperature of Mount Fuji is about minus 38 degrees Celsius.

Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, has many strange and natural secrets, as its color changes depending on the natural conditions surrounding it. Therefore, its name has changed. Among these names are:

  • Fuji Red Mountain.
  • Fuji Diamond Mountain.
  • Reverse Mount Fuji.
  • Fuji Pearl Moon.

Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, is one of the most popular tourist sites in the country and even in the world. There are many natural features in it, especially the presence of the five lakes that surround this great mountain, which are:

  • Lake Kawaguchiko.
  • Lake Seiko.
  • Lake Yamanakaku.
  • Lake Shujiko.
  • Lake Motosoko.

Mount Fuji is the number one destination for photography enthusiasts, who are anticipating its new states, which seem to change according to the colors of the spectrum and climatic conditions. Including, example, the red Fuji, the rare Fuji, the inverted Fuji, and many others.

Skiing is practiced on Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan because it is covered by snow all days of the year. In addition, the sport of mountain climbing is provided by Mount Fuji to its climbers, especially since the number of climbers every year exceeds three hundred thousand climbers annually.

Fuji Peak hairstyle is one of the strange things that Japanese women do in their hair after the famous Mount Fuji. Especially since the shape of this hairstyle comes at the top of the forehead, and in the form of the letter M.

It is a good omen that, on the first day of the new year, the Japanese dream of Mount Fuji, or of a hawk, and even of an eggplant.

Mount Fuji in legend

Mount Fuji is closely related to a legend that is still told to children as a kind of ancient and popular story entitled: “The Tale of Princess Kaguya.” This story revolves around a beautiful girl, born in bamboo, and some nobles try to woo her, and each of these young men is assigned impossible tasks. Before she goes to the moon, she gives the emperor a bottle containing the elixir of life. The emperor had no choice but to burn the bottle, including it on top of the mountain, because his life meant nothing to him apart from Princess Kaguya.

Mount fuji names

Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, has many names, most of which are derived from the famous Mount Fuji legend mentioned above. Among the names of Mount Fuji are the following:

  • A mountain that does not even fall in battle.
  • Eternal mountain.
  • mount warriors Perhaps this name is due to the presence of the samurai in it.
  • Only one in existence.
  • eternal energy. It is derived from the elixir of life bottle mentioned in the legend of Mount Fuji.

mount fuji volcano

In the same context, the highest mountain in Japan, Mount Fuji, we will get to know this volcanic mountain. In fact, it was believed that Mount Fuji is one of the dormant volcanic mountains in the world, perhaps because it erupted for the last time more than three hundred years ago. But it surprised the world with its outbreak in the last century, specifically in the sixties of the twentieth century. Undoubtedly, this prompted the Bureau of Meteorology to change the description of Mount Fuji and its classification from a dormant volcano to an active one. Especially since fumarolic gases are still emitted from Mount Fuji to this day. It should be noted that Mount Fuji is not a single volcano; Rather, it consists of three volcanoes located in succession, namely:

  • Komitaki Volcano: The first eruptions of this mountain, which is part of Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, date back more than six hundred thousand years.
  • Ko Fuji volcano: It is one of the volcanoes that erupted in Mount Fuji, but above the Komitake volcano, more than a hundred thousand years ago.
  • Shin Fuji volcano: This volcano erupted over its predecessor, Ko Fuji volcano, more than ten thousand years ago. Whereas, this volcano is what gave the final shape to Mount Fuji, which is known today as the highest mountain in Japan.

Finally, in this article, we got to know the highest mountain in Japan, the sacred Mount Fuji for the Japanese people. Although this mountain is the most popular on the Asian continent, it still has many secrets that have not yet been discovered; Indeed, his stories, around which many legends have revolved, remain the most astonishing magic of all time.


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