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What are the best types of incense in the world?

What are the best types of incense in the world? Incense is considered to have a fragrant smell and an important place among the Arabs, and the use of incense is widespread on religious and official occasions, and women use incense to perfume their homes and to get rid of annoying odors stuck in it. In the world, what is the importance of incense and its benefits?

What is incense

Incense is one of the fragrant materials, and it is a natural substance that is extracted from a perennial tree called the agarwood tree, and the most important characteristic of incense is that it contains a fragrant smell when burned, and it is often mixed during the manufacture of incense with another oily and aromatic substance to give it a coherent appearance, and incense is used in councils Among the Arabs and on religious occasions, it is also usually used in places of worship and it has been used since ancient times, and incense has other uses, including the perfume of the house and the perfume of clothes. Currently very expensive.

What are the best types of incense in the world?

Incense has always been used throughout the Arab world and the Middle East to perfume the Majlis, and the best types of incense used in the world will be mentioned, such as:

frankincense incense

This type of incense is available in perfumery shops and is available in white in the form of small granules, characterized by the release of a pleasant and refreshing smell when ignited, and it is one of the smells that last for a long time. coal or directly.

Adani incense

This type of incense is used in particular in welcoming guests, where embers are lit and incense is placed over it, and when burning, the fragrant smell rises and fills the Majlis. In its composition, the more this incense contains natural materials such as the original oud, and the aromatic materials, the higher its price. The Sultanate incense is the best type because it contains high concentrations of the oud tree, in addition to containing other perfumes such as musk and amber, this type is made by mixing A group of materials after grinding into granules, and these materials are incense sticks from the natural tree, sugar and water, perfume, musk and flower oils, and the previous ingredients are boiled with each other, over low heat, for a period ranging from a quarter of an hour to half an hour, and then the mixture is poured Pour into molds and place in the air to cool and harden.

blue oud incense

It is one of the types of incense sticks spread in the Arab world, and it is in the form of wooden sticks that release blue smoke when burned. Very similar to industrial, and all kinds of blue incense sell for many times the price of other types of incense, and the original blue incense is heavy in weight and has a strong smell, and it is dark and dark in color and gives a fragrant smell by burning it with charcoal.

sandalwood incense

This type of incense is obtained through sandalwood trees, and this tree is abundant in the Middle East, especially in the countries of India, this incense is used in the global incense industry, and it is one of the types spread in all countries of the world, and its prices are not high compared to other types of incense Incense, so it is widespread.

Indian oud incense

It is one of the types of incense that are widely spread and famous throughout the world. It is an expensive incense that is loved by all peoples of the world, and its original home is in India. It is considered one of the types of incense of sacred status to the Indian people.

clementine incense

This incense, whose original place is Clementine in Indonesia, is one of the most sought-after items in the Arab Gulf regions.

Laotian agarwood incense

It is one of the expensive items, and it is also a rare species, and this type is characterized by an aromatic smell that lasts for a very long time in the home and on clothes, and this incense is intended for the rich class due to its scarcity and high price.

Javanese agarwood incense

It is one of the most famous varieties, because it is one of the types whose smell lasts for a long time in the house, and it has two types, Sumatra and Siam, and this type of incense has many benefits for the body and health and is used in pharmaceutical compounds.

Materials used in the manufacture of incense

The components of incense vary according to the region in which it is made and according to its type, and among the most important materials that are used in the manufacture of incense are:

  • cinnamon.
  • incense sticks.
  • musk.
  • myrrh plant.
  • patchouli.
  • Sandalwood.
  • A flammable substance and this substance is the basis for burning incense and obtaining the aromatic smell, and these materials may consist of wood or charcoal and others.

Incense benefits

Incense has been used in all cultures around the world, and burning incense can produce a scent and smoke that has many benefits, such as:

  • Incense has an important calming effect and a sense of relaxation.
  • The smell of incense activates some nerve areas in the brain, and these areas contribute to fighting depression and relieving stress and anxiety.
  • The smell of incense can contribute to improving the health of the body and fighting diseases.
  • The smell of incense helps to expel negative energy and relieve stress.
  • The refreshing aroma of incense increases the ability to focus and is similar to other aromatic substances such as mint and lemon.

In conclusion, it was found what are the best types of incense in the world, and it was found that incense is one of the most aromatic materials widely used in all parts of the world. Its benefits for health and the body.


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