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What is the capital of North Korea?

 What is the capital of North Korea? North  Korea is one of the most powerful Asian countries. It is located in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula and overlooks a distinct marine location. As for its area, it has a very large area. It was historically linked to South Korea but is separated from it a long time ago. And through the contents site, we will discuss information about North Korea and what is its capital.

North Korea

North Korea is one of the countries located in the north of the Korean Peninsula in the continent of Asia from the east. This country is officially known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, bordered to the east by the Sea of ​​Japan, while the State of China borders it to the west precisely at the Yellow Sea, and the Gulf of Korea On the south side, there is a land buffer strip that works to separate the northern and southern parts. North Korea has classified itself as one of the self-reliant socialist countries, but at the same time, it is considered one of the dictatorial states, as it practically follows the one-party system under the rule of the united front and is ruled by The Korean workers and its current president, Kim Jong-un. As for its system, it follows the Juche system and does not depend on others in governance. Its area is 120,538 km2, and its population is 25,115,311. Their official language is the Korean language.

What is the capital of North Korea?

Pyongyang is the current capital of North Korea. It is located in the northwest of the North Korean Republic. It is one of the largest Korean cities in terms of industry. It is also the traditional administrative center of the Korean state for a long time. The city passes through the Taedong River, and it contains plains from the western side, while from the east there are low hills, It rises about 84 meters above sea level, and the lands are characterized as agricultural lands, very famous for the cultivation of rice, which is closely related to its economy, as well as fruit and vegetable farms. It was identified through Korean books and legends, as it belonged to the Tangun Dynasty and was the capital of its state in 2333 BC.AD, and in the year 108 a Chinese commercial colony was established, which is the first in the history of the city, and later it became the capital of the Kingdom of Koguryo and then occupied it, and wars continued in this city and it was destroyed more than once, but it was rebuilt with the help of China and the Soviet Union.

Tourist places in Pyongyang

Pyongyang is one of the Korean cities that includes many tourist and historical places for a long time. These places emphasize the country's long history, and the most prominent of these places are:

  • Victory War Museum: This museum was established in 2013 AD. This museum houses weapons, tanks, and planes used in the Korean Wars. In the basement of the museum, there is a statue of former President Kim Il Sung. It also contains a memorial next to the museum that was built in 1993 AD.
  • Juchi Tower: Its first opening was in 1982 AD, on this day, which is the 70th of the president's birth. It was made of granite stone, and each stone represents the life of the current President Kim until he reached the year 70, and the length of the tower is 170 meters, and through the tower, you can see the city in a way Full.
  • Kim Il-sung Square: In this square, where huge military marches take place and are surrounded by all buildings, including the People's Studies Building, it is also a major center for the largest library, Juche Thought.
  • Arch of Triumph: The location of this arch is in the same place where President Kim gave a speech after the Japanese occupation of the city in 1945 AD, and this arch is the longest in the world, reaching a length of about 6 meters.
  • Unification Arch: This arch was built in 2001 AD to commemorate the Korean reunification proposals put forward by President Kim Il-sung. The arch consists of two women carrying a map of unified Korea and these two women symbolize the state of Korea.

The reason for the separation of North Korea from South Korea

North Korea was linked in terms of governance and history to the state of South Korea for about 1500 years, and since that time wars began between them to strive to separate from each other, and the division between the two countries at the end of World War II was the result of the disintegration of the Japanese Empire, and the receipt of the state of Japan in World War II of the Allied Powers After the tragedy that occurred as a result of the nuclear war in the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, agreements were drawn up for the reunification of the two countries, but these attempts were unsuccessful due to the difference in culture and ideology between the two countries.

And with this, we have finished this article, which is titled  What is the capital of North Korea, where we dealt with information about the state of North Korea, and we got to know its capital and detailed information about the capital and its tourist cities, the main reason for the separation of North Korea from the South, and the location of Pyongyang on the map.


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