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Where is Elephant Mountain located?

Where is Mount Elephant located? There are many rocks and mountains on land scattered around the world, which look similar in shape to an animal or plant, or even to the shape or face of a human being. Through this article, we will learn about Elephant Mountain, which was sculpted by the amazing hand of nature and made it a landmark and a tourist destination in the country.

Where is Elephant Mountain located?

Mount Elephant is located in the continent of Asia, in the region of the Arabian Peninsula, where the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is, specifically on the eastern side of Al-Ula Governorate, one of the governorates of the Medina region, and close to Mada’in Saleh. In fact, the Elephant Mountain is about 17.8 km away from Al-Ula, and you can follow Route 375, as well as Route 70, while the time duration is only about 20 minutes. The Elephant Mountain is about 28.5 km away from Madain Saleh, via Route 375 and Route 70. The time between them takes only 23 minutes. Whereas, Elephant Mountain is about 50 meters above sea level, equivalent to about 160 feet, and is distinguished by its red color. Especially since the area where Elephant Mountain is located is surrounded by golden desert sand.

Why is it called Elephant Mountain?

In fact, because the elephant mountain, which is located in the Al - Ula governorate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, resembles an elephant, it was named by this name. Moreover, the Elephant Mountain, and throughout the history of the Al-Ula region, ancient and modern, this mountain was known only as the Elephant Mountain. Especially since this mountain is nothing but a rock that is distinguished by its huge size. Where we find it planted in golden sands, surrounded by numerous mountains, which differ in their strange shapes and varying sizes.

Information about Elephant Mountain

In the same context, where is the Elephant Mountain located, which is in the Arabian Peninsula, which is located in the continent of Asia, specifically in the Al-Ula Governorate, In this paragraph, we provide some information about Mount Elephant as follows:

  • Jabal El-Fil, located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was included in the list of geological wonders.
  • The formation of the Elephant Mountain was the result of nature, as it was influenced by natural factors such as erosion and erosion, for millions of years. Especially since there are many huge rocks near Elephant Mountain, which are also called mountains. It is also distinguished by its light brown colors, and each has its own exciting shape.
  • The Royal Commission in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia named the area in which the Elephant Mountain is located, Ain Hajar. Perhaps this name came from the large number of mountains that are located near the Elephant Mountain, which the Commission seeks to name each rock according to its shape.
  • Elephant Mountain is similar to an elephant animal, as it is a large rock in size in the shape of the body of an elephant, and it also has a huge trunk. Moreover, some have compared this mountain to be the closest in the form to the mammoth elephant that lived in Siberia and became extinct more than a million years ago.
  • It should be noted that there is no payment for (Mountain Elephant tickets) to enter the area in which it is located and to see it in the summer.

Sports and races in Elephant Mountain

Many desert sports are held in the area where the Elephant Mountain is located, particularly horse racing and mountain climbing. Whereas, in February of this year 2022 AD, the Saudi Tour 2022 AD was held, with a distance of about 831.3 km, near Mount Elephant. About 15 international teams participated in it, including, for example:

  • Bahrain Victorious Team, from the State of Britain.
  • Hansgrohe team, from Germany.
  • The Cofidis team, as well as the Total Energies team, from France.
  • The Lotto Soudal team, as well as the Alpine Phoenix team, from Belgium.
  • Team Baek Xing Jieko, from Australia.
  • The DSM team, from the Netherlands.
  • Emirates Team, from the United Arab Emirates.
  • The Kuwaiti professional cycling team, from the State of Kuwait.
  • Terengganu Bulgin Cycling Team, from Malaysia.

Finally, we learned in this article where Elephant Mountain is located on its site in the Al-Ula Governorate in Medina. It remains to point out the heritage fame enjoyed by the province of Al-Ula, as there are many natural and exotic attractions. Not to mention that thousands of years ago the region was a stop for travelers, that is, since the days of the Canaanites, the first inhabitants of the Al-Ula region, as well as the Nabataeans.


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